Event Speakers

Foo Yoke Pin

Executive Director Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)

Dr. Ma Nang Laik

Associate Professor, School of Business, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Abdy Taminsyah

CEO, MonsoonSIM

More speakers will be announced soon!

3 key takeaways from this conference

1 - Revolutionizing Education: Batch Processing in Teaching

Embark on an educational transformation with "Revolutionizing Education: Batch Processing in Teaching." This session reveals a new and easier way to teach. Discover how this innovative method not only streamlines content delivery but also empowers facilitators with unprecedented control over the teaching process and timing. By efficiently managing learning tasks, educators can allocate more time for in-depth discussions, critical thinking exercises, and interactive learning experiences. This approach not only enriches the educational journey but also fosters a more engaging and thought-provoking environment for students.

2 - Micro Concepts: The Building Blocks of Modern Curriculum Design

Introducing "Micro Concepts: The Building Blocks of Modern Curriculum Design," a session that promises to redefine the way we think about curriculum development. This engaging presentation will showcase the power of micro concepts in simplifying curriculum design and integration, making it more accessible and adaptable to various educational settings. Learn how breaking down complex subjects into smaller, easily digestible units can facilitate deeper understanding and foster an innovative learning atmosphere. This approach not only streamlines curriculum development but also empowers educators to customize learning experiences to meet diverse student needs. Prepare to be inspired by the elegance and efficiency of micro concepts in curriculum design.

3 - Next-Generation Learning: AI Empowerment with MonsoonSIM

Explore the frontier of educational technology in "Next-Generation Learning: AI Empowerment with MonsoonSIM." This session unveils the power of advanced A.I., trained with MonsoonSIM platform, to revolutionize teaching and learning experiences. Discover how this synergy between A.I. and MonsoonSIM creates a unique educational ecosystem, offering personalized learning journeys, real-time analytics, and interactive simulations that mirror real-world scenarios. This innovative approach not only enhances the educational landscape but also provides learners and educators with tools for success in an ever-evolving digital era. Be prepared to be amazed by how A.I., coupled with MonsoonSIM, is setting new benchmarks in educational excellence, making learning more adaptable, immersive, and effective than ever before.

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