About MonsoonSIM Business Competition - the MERMC

Would you like your students to develop entrepreneurial skills? Do you want your students to know what it takes to run their own successful company as a team? Would you like to give your students a chance to learn business concepts through experiential learning? 

Now you can inspire your students by sending them to participate in our annual MonsoonSim ERM (Enterprise Resources Management) Competition!

The MonsoonSIM ERM Competition is an annual event hosted by MonsoonSim and its sponsors and co-hosts since 2015.

2015Singapore University of Social SciencesSingapore
2016Singapore University of Social SciencesSingapore
2017Kasetsart UniversityThailand
2018Singapore University of Social SciencesSingapore
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHongKong
Online Competition 

The MonsoonSIM International ERM Competition is an annual team tournament designed to encourage students to learn and appreciate running and operating their own virtual business. The scope of MonsoonSIM ERM Competition consists of Finance, Retail, Warehouse, Logistics, Planning, Production, Maintenance, Service Management, Human Resources and many more.

There is no pre-requisite to be part of this competition. All schools and higher learning institutions can send their students to participate.

The tournament is a dynamic, high-energy event spanning over a few months. You can start anytime before July and be participating in your Country Finals by September.


Students will compete in teams of 4-5 and they will be assigned to run a virtual enterprise and compete with other virtual companies being run by other players. Throughout the competitions, players will learn more and more on

  • How to run a successful business with limited resources
  • What concepts are involved in managing a large business
  • How to adapt changing business environments
  • What is an ERP system and how it helps our business

There are no stressful preparations. No homework. No PowerPoint presentation. It is a new way of learning by gaming.

Here is the video of our 2019 Competition

Here is the video of our 2018 Competition

Here is the video of our 2017 Competition


Here is the video of our 2016 Competition

Here is the video of our 2015 Competition

Enroll your school to participate in the competition today and give your students a whole new educational experience. Give them a chance to work as a team. Induce their potentials. Let them learn business rules, processes, risks and opportunities through virtual experience. Let them explore their business ideas, strategies and give them a chance to compete on the International stage. 

For more information on how to get your school sign up, please contact us at