TTT session at Muhammadiyah University Gresik  

Creator : Jacqueline | Last edited: 2019-Sep-17

University Muhammadiyah Gresik following their other branch in Surabaya, Jogyakarta, and Sidoarjo to subscribe for MonsoonSIM Server

After Doing the Train The Trainer  (TTT) Session This morning, they are ready to run a MonsoonSIM game!

About Muhammadiyah University

Muhammadiyah College is one of Muhammadiyah's charitable businesses in the field of education. According to the Muhammadiyah Data Center, Muhammadiyah has 130 colleges, consisting of 24 academies, 4 polytechnics, 61 high schools, and 41 universities. Among the fifteen tertiary institutions, 3 of them are included in 50 well-known universities in Indonesia.

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