100+ key business concepts you will learn in MonsoonSIM  

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Here are the key (core) business concepts you will learn when you play MonsoonSIM.

  1. [Sales] Sales - Retail
  2. [Sales] Sales - Wholesales
  3. [Sales] Sales - Services
  4. [Sales] Margin - Retail 
  5. [Sales] Margin - Wholesales 
  6. [Sales] Margin - Services
  7. [Sales] Price control for Retail
  8. [Sales] Price elasticity in products
  9. [Sales] How to win a bid for Wholesales 
  10. [Sales] How to deal for Wholesales 
  11. [Sales] How to quote for Services 
  12. [Sales] How to replenish - Retail 
  13. [Sales] How to replenish - Wholesales 
  14. [Sales] Sales Order
  15. [Retail Sales] Daily Market Demand variation
  16. [Retail Sales] Retail capacity
  17. [Procurement] Purchase Request, Purchase Order
  18. [Procurement] Cash purchase
  19. [Procurement] Future delivery purchase
  20. [Procurement] Blanket purchase
  21. [Procurement] Vendor Terms of Payment
  22. [Procurement] Which vendor to buy from
  23. [Procurement] Where to ship to
  24. [Procurement] Bulk purchase vs Non-Bulk purchase
  25. [Procurement] Supplier lead time
  26. [Procurement] Supplier reliability
  27. [Procurement] Supplier running out of stock
  28. [Marketing] Which channel to use
  29. [Marketing] How much to invest in marketing
  30. [Marketing] Compare with competitors in terms of Pricing
  31. [Marketing] Compare with competitors in terms of Sales
  32. [Marketing] Compare with competitors in terms of Unit-sold
  33. [Marketing] Compare with competitors in terms of Market Share
  34. [Marketing] Compare with competitors in terms of Market Share
  35. [Logistics] Auto replenishment
  36. [Logistics] Sales order product allocations
  37. [Logistics] Rental management - Retail stores
  38. [Logistics] Rental management - Warehouse 
  39. [Logistics] Shipment among locations
  40. [Logistics] Shipping costs
  41. [Forecast] Demand forecast in Retail
  42. [Forecast] Demand forecast in Wholesales
  43. [Forecast] Demand forecast in Rentals
  44. [Forecast] Interest-rate forecast
  45. [Forecast] Rental forecast
  46. [eCommerce] Buying online
  47. [eCommerce] Selling online
  48. [eCommerce] Posting as a seller online
  49. [eCommerce] Posting as a buyer online
  50. [eCommerce] Online reputation 
  51. [eCommerce] Escrow account
  52. [Production] Types of machine to buy
  53. [Production] # of machine to invest
  54. [Production] Production capacity
  55. [Production] Production order
  56. [MRP] MRP concept and running of MRP
  57. [MRP] Level of buffer stocks
  58. [MRP] How to determine Production vs Outsourcing strategy
  59. [Maintenance] Predictive Maintenance concept
  60. [Maintenance] Periodic Maintenance concept
  61. [Maintenance] OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) concept
  62. [Maintenance] APQ (Availability, Performance and Quality) management
  63. [Maintenance] Asset Breakdown
  64. [Maintenance] Asset major repair (overhaul)
  65. [Human Resources] Concept of staff personality (OCEAN factors)
  66. [Human Resources] Importance of personality matching
  67. [Human Resources] Staff recruitment
  68. [Human Resources] Staff counselling
  69. [Human Resources] Staff training
  70. [Human Resources] Staff on-the-job training
  71. [Human Resources] Staff dismissal
  72. [Human Resources] Staff costs
  73. [Human Resources] Staff transfer
  74. [Human Resources] Staff index and its impact on business operations
  75. [Human Resources] Staff turnover ratio
  76. [Customer Service] Complaint management and why it is important
  77. [Customer Service] Relationship between customer complaint and staff index
  78. [Finance] Fully amortized loan
  79. [Finance] Interest-only loan
  80. [Finance] Loan repayment period
  81. [Finance] Credit rating
  82. [Finance] Cost of Goods Sold
  83. [Finance] Operating Expenses
  84. [Finance] Asset Depreciation
  85. [Finance] Impact of foreign exchange on cost of goods purchased
  86. [Finance] Delinquent pay-outs
  87. [Finance] Cash flow
  88. [Finance] Inventory
  89. [Finance] Trading profit
  90. [Finance] Overdraft
  91. [Finance] Bankruptcy
  92. [Finance] Account Payable
  93. [Finance] Account Receivable
  94. [Finance] Balance Sheet
  95. [Finance] Trial Balance
  96. [Finance] Net profit
  97. [Finance] Budgeting
  98. [Governance Risk and Compliance] Process control
  99. [Relationship between departments] How Finance dept relate to all others 
  100. [Relationship between departments] How Human Resources relate to all others 
  101. [Relationship between departments] Between Sales and Warehouse dept 
  102. [Relationship between departments] Between Sales and Procurement dept 
  103. [Relationship between departments] Between Production and Sales dept 
  104. [Relationship between departments] Between Marketing and Sales dept 
  105. [Relationship between departments] Between Maintenance and Production dept 
  106. [Relationship between departments] Between Procurement and Warehouse dept 
  107. [Relationship between departments] Between Procurement and Sales dept 
  108. [Relationship between departments] Between MRP and Sales dept 
  109. [Relationship between departments] Between MRP and Procurement dept 
  110. [Relationship between departments] Between MRP and Warehouse dept 
  111. [Relationship between departments] Between Customer service and Sales dept 

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