Enhancing Business Skills with MonsoonSIM: A Skill-Building Revolution

Unlock the future of business education with MonsoonSIM's innovative experiential learning platform. Transform skills, elevate careers

Last update : 26-Sep-2023

Curtains Close on MERMC Malaysia 2023

Last update : 25-Sep-2023

MERMC Malaysia 2023

Last update : 02-Aug-2023

MERMC Singapore 2023

Last update : 02-Aug-2023

The Power of Business Simulations: Engage and Educate with Immersive Experiences

Business simulations are a hands-on, interactive learning experience that allows participants to truly engage in the material, building skills, improving conceptual knowledge, and gaining a big-picture view of the organization all at once.

Last update : 06-Jul-2023

MERMC Indonesian Final 2023 di Universitas Pakuan Bogor

Last update : 12-Jun-2023

EPIC - MonsoonSIM Online Competition

Last update : 03-May-2023

Open Registration International Digital Enterprise Competition 2023 by FE UNJ

Last update : 27-Mar-2023


Last update : 23-Feb-2023

MonsoonSIM Student Feature- Team Muzzafar Zayn

MERMC 2021 Runner ups Team Muzzafar Zayn placed second in the 2021 MERMC. Representing Universitas Islam Indonesia, Team Muzzafar Zayn has an ELO of 1542 and consists of 5 remarkable team members, namely Nicho Kurniawan Santoso, Farhan Kamil Rabbani, Valdo Maggri Alani, Agnes Aura Anisha, and Imerina Zuhara.

Last update : 08-Dec-2022

MERMC 2022 Closing Ceremony, 19th November 2022

Please join below in our MERMC 2022 Closing Ceremony

Last update : 15-Nov-2022

MonsoonSIM Student Feature–Team BUMBLEBEE

We recently interviewed team BUMBLEBEE to see how they are doing. We wanted to know, what are the members of Team BUMBLEBEE up to now? Moreover, what adventures are the members of this fearless team currently involved in?

Last update : 15-Nov-2022

MonsoonSIM Curriculum Case Studies - Deakin University

The [Ascillite 2021 paper] suggests the inclusion of MonsoonSIM's dual modes of teaching, gamification and simulation improved graduates' perceived competencies.

Last update : 13-Oct-2022

MERMC Indonesian Final 2022 Winner Announcement

MonsoonSIM Business competition (MERMC) 2022 winner announcement

Last update : 21-Sep-2022

MonsoonSIM Curriculum Case Studies—Michigan State University

Michigan State University has been succesfully implementing MonsoonSIM into their Accounting undergraduate and graduate program for three semesters.

Last update : 20-Sep-2022

ERP 114 in MonsoonSIM’s Curriculum Roadmap– Path to Entrepreneurial Success Part 14!

With ERP 114 module, learners will be able to handle all the departments involved in managing the business. With a complete integration of all the activities and tasks to run the business, learners will utilize all these interconnected departments and operate businesses as a whole!

Last update : 24-Aug-2022

ERP 113 in MonsoonSIM’s Curriculum Roadmap– Path to Entrepreneurial Success Part 13!

Through the ERP 113 module, learners will have the opportunity to observe firsthand how human resources and finance influence customer service, especially in ensuring that the service order can be met, and more!

Last update : 24-Aug-2022

ERP 112 in MonsoonSIM’s Curriculum Roadmap– Path to Entrepreneurial Success Part 12!

Handle all the aspects and activities involved in managing the workforce of the business with ERP module 112. MonsoonSIM provides learners with the opportunity to organize employment policies, recruitment process, training, benefits and welfare, payroll and others!

Last update : 08-Aug-2022

ERP 111 in MonsoonSIM’s Curriculum Roadmap— Path to Entrepreneurial Success Part 11!

Explore the concepts involved in maintenance, such as predictive maintenance, periodic maintenance and develop a deeper understanding of when to perform or schedule maintenance with MonsoonSIM's ERP module 111!

Last update : 08-Aug-2022

ERP 110 in MonsoonSIM’s Curriculum Roadmap— Path to Entrepreneurial Success Part 10!

With MonsoonSIM's ERP module 110, develop a deeper understanding of the supply planning system, the materials and components required to manufacture products, inventory management and more!

Last update : 08-Aug-2022