MonsoonSIM Users Conference 2020.... here we come, Penang!
 MonsoonSIM Version 8 Launch - Data Analytics with Live Access Workshop  -  Learner BenchmarkingTo date, more than 50,000 learners have experienced the power of MonsoonSIM Experiential ..

Kaplan Singapore launches the Business Conquest Challenge with MonsoonSIM
Kaplan Singapore held a signing ceremony at their campus yesterday for a multi-year subscription with MonsoonSIM Singapore Pte Ltd, marking a milestone for both Kaplan Singapore and MonsoonSIM on a ne..

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition (MERMC) International Grand Final Hong Kong 2019
The 5th Annual (1st in Hong Kong) International MonsoonSIM ERP competition concluded last weekend on a high note!  It is worth a mention that our participants braved the social conditions in Hong..