MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition (MERMC) International Grand Final Hong Kong 2019
The 5th Annual (1st in Hong Kong) International MonsoonSIM ERP competition concluded last weekend on a high note!  It is worth a mention that our participants braved the social conditions in Hong..

Update on MERMC Prize structure
We have revised the prize structure to reward 10 teams in the Final Session instead of 9 announced previously. There is now a 3rd runner up prize HKD3,000 up for grabs to the participating teams!..

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition MERMC 2019 – Malaysia Country Final
Saturday, 20th July 2019 – MERMC 2019, Malaysia Country Final was MonsoonSIM’s 5th Inter-varsity business simulation competition, hosted by Monsoon Academy and its partners. The competitio..