MonsoonSIM simulation at Ocean Park, Hong Kong
  On November 7, the staff of Ocean Park were introduced to MonsoonSIM, an intergraded ERP-based platform. Several 3-player teams were formed to compete in 2 rounds of simulation -- fir..

MonsoonSIM in Parade Riset Akuntansi 4 (PRA 4), Indonesia
 On 30 and 31 October, Universitas Pakuan Bogor hosted a grand event called “Parade Riset Akuntansi 4 (PRA 4)”,and among the agendas, was the Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntasi (HMA SMA..

MonsoonSIM heads to Brunei
In efforts to bring MonsoonSIM to more learners across the globe, the MonsoonSIM team has traveled to Brunei to meet passionate educators in the country about introducing experiential learning to thei..