MonsoonSIM F.A.Q
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about MonsoonSIM

What is the difference between MonsoonSIM and other business games?

There are numerous business games in the market. Some are in stock trading, some in inventory management, team building, marketing and management, etc. MonsoonSIM is 100% focus in ERP (Business Process Integration). MonsoonSIM is NOT to give you the details of a specific ERP concept. For example, MonsoonSIM does not give you the detail of how to run a Just In Time Manufacturing, MonsoonSIM will give you the general concept of how production system is all about in the context of the entire  enterprise operation system.


What is the benefit of MonsoonSIM for me, as a student?

As a student, having a good understanding of the enterprise system and ERP concept will greatly expand your knowledge about how a business enterprise is being run. You will learn why there are so many connections (data and process) among various departments. You will learn why the failure of one department can impact the other departments to the point that it may even bring down the entire operation of an enterprise. So, it does not matter whether you are an accounting student, a business student, an industrial engineering student or in information technology, it is always good to learn about ERP. For example: for an accounting major student, you will need to know the concept of product costing and you will experience it when playing the MonsoonSIM game.  As an MBA student, it would certainly be good to know the concept of how business is being run. As an e-commerce student, learning the concept of procurement and supply chain will certainly help in your design of the system. The benefits are multi-facet.


What is the benefit of MonsoonSIM for me, as the management of a corporation?

As a corporate management, you will surely appreciate if all of your staff can better leverage on your existing business system. Besides giving your staff better understanding of what enterprise processes entails, the staff can work together with more appreciation of each other's constraints. For example: if you work in the Sales department, you need to be more aware of your delivery ability.  Your customer service department should know who are the your key customers. Your production department should be more aware of the upcoming promotions by folks in the marketing department. Having your employee go through a MonsoonSIM workshop will surely improve their total work productivity. Furthermore, MonsoonSIM is a team game, playing the game by mixing players from different departments into one virtual company would surely improve their team spirit and teamwork.  


What is the benefit of MonsoonSIM for me, as a trainer?

Whether you are a corporate trainer, an independent consulant, a professional trainer, a university lecturer, your teaching becomes a whole lot more fun with MonsoonSIM. Firstly, by being a certified trainer in MonsoonSIM, you can create and conduct courses anytime, anywhere with just a standard browser. Secondly, your students can now learn by themselves, all you need to do is to explain the overall concept before the game and perhaps, if you wish, stop the game anytime to give supplementary knowledge or to give any derivative knowledge appropriate at that juncture. Teaching business process and ERP concept can be dauntingly boring. With MonsoonSIM, the learning becomes fun. There are quizzes that come along with MonsoonSIM which trigger the players to dig deeper into the game to do more self learning. With MonsoonSIM, trainer can now focus on adding more teaching materials not covered by MonsoonSIM for the students before, after or in the middle of the game whenever deemed appropriate.


What are the top 5 key knowledge one could learn from playing MonsoonSIM game?

MonsoonSIM consists of over 45 business concepts embedded in over 12 business departments. Example of these concepts are: buffer stocks, supplier lead time, etc. Out of these 45 concepts, we can summarize the the top 5 key knowledge a student can benefit from playing the game are : 

  • Concept of ERP/ Supply Chain
  • Concept of Business Process Integration
  • Concept of Integrated business system (how and why ERP system is important)
  • Concept of running a large business
  • Importance of teamwork in running a large business


How is it possible to learn all the key business concepts within 1 or 2  day?

MonsoonSIM is extremely flexible. The game can be configured to run within 1 day or even up to 30 days. It is all determined by the game facilitator and the players. MonsoonSIM game starts with a few departments, giving players who are totally new to the game a chance to get familiar with the screen (*note that we never teach the player how to navigate, MonsoonSIM screens are so easy to navigate that no prior training is needed). Also, the game can start at a lower speed, once the student get used to running their "small virtual business", then the game gets incrementally complicated as more departments are added into the game. Usually, the game will run for 220 virtual days with each virtual day being set at 20 to 60 seconds. By the end of the game, the players would have been exposed to the entire ERP concepts. So, yes, one will get to learn the entire ERP concept within 1 day. Of course, the more time the facilitator give to the student, the more the student can make better strategic decisions in running their virtual company. For example: student will learn how to properly plan for the production or set the stock replenishment at the optimal level, further re-enforcing the knowledge they learnt.


Is there any pre-requisite knowledge needed to play MonsoonSIM ?

No. MonsoonSIM is designed for anyone from primary school to university students to all level of corporate executive. The difficulty of the game is easily configurable. 


How configurable is MonsoonSIM ?

MonsoonSIM is highly configurable. The locations of the retail stores, warehouse, cash, bank facility, cost, machine capacity, storage capacity, suppliers, customers, product bill of materials (BOM), market size are all configurable. Furthermore, what departments to run, game timings, which concepts to run/hide are also configurable. 


Is MonsoonSIM based on any ERP product ?

No. MonsoonSIM does not based or rely on any ERP engine. Furthermore, MonsoonSIM is NOT product training, it is a conceptual training. 


What is the partnership model of MonsoonSIM ?

We train our partners and our partners train their end-users. Partners send their staff to our  TTT (Train The Trainer) event. Once certified, the trainers  can create a workshop (MonsoonSIM session) anytime, anywhere with Monsoon points. Partner has to procure from Monsoon certain amount of Points in order to conduct courses. Alternatively, partner can also subscribe our server, on an annual basis, which they can run unlimited games.  For more information, please explore Becoming A MonsoonSIM Partner page.


What is the relationship between MonsoonSIM and SAP ?

MonsoonSIM is neither built using SAP nor it is designed to teach how to use SAP. MonsoonSIM covers many concepts of ERP and not about how to use SAP.  Monsoon Academy develops MonsoonSIM. Monsoon Academy is an education partner of SAP since 2008. SAP is the sponsor of the 2015 and 2016 Enterprise Resource Management inter-varsity competition that runs in several countries with the grand final being played out in SIM University Singapore. The competition is where students compete to achieve most profitability using MonsoonSIM. 


Which Universities have adopted MonsoonSIM in their teaching curriculum ?

MonsoonSIM has been used in many universities throughout South East Asia having attended by thousands of students and corporate staff.  Universities include Deakin Business School (Australia), Swiss German University, SIM University of Singapore,  University Kristen Maranatha, University Islam Indonesia, University of Taruma Negara, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Lithan Academy, Bangkok University, Rangsit University, Mahidol University, Multi-Media Nusantara University, University of Muhammadiyah Jogyakarta.