2018 Competition F.A.Q
MERP Competition 2018 FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How to become a participating University? 

  • The entire process of quite simple. Please email info@monsoonsim.com as the first step. We will then get in touch with you with the details. 

Can the same player represent more than one team?

  • No

Can a non-student participate?

  • No. Full or Part-time student only.

Can high-school students participate?

  • No. Not in this competition. However, we will extend our competition to include a high-school and middle school in years to come. In the meantime, we welcome any inquiries you might have regarding experiential learning using MonsoonSIM.

What is the minimum internet speed needed to facilitate the game?

  • Minimum 3 Mb 

What are the maximum teams allowed per playoff?

  • Minimum 4 and Maximum 5

My university is keen to participate, but we do not have any lecturers who are able to facilitate the game. How do we participate?

  • You can email us at info@monsoonsim.com and we will advise you the campus which your students should go to for the preliminary rounds

What are the costs involved to participate?

  • MonsoonSIM Business Simulation and Educational platform is a subscription-based platform where the university can subscribe as part of its teaching curriculum. For the university that has subscribed to MonsoonSIM platform, participating in the competition is free of charge. However, for the university that has not subscribed to MonsoonSIM platform, there is a server fee depending on the number of concurrent students who will be accessing the system. For more about MonsoonSIM, please visit www.monsoonSIM.com

When is the deadline for participation?

  • University can participate anytime between January 2018 to July 2018. The timeline of the competition is as follows:
    • Jan - July 2018  - Preliminary and Selection Rounds, by each participating University
    • July - Sep 2018 - Playoff Rounds and Campus Playoff Rounds, by each participating University
    • Sep 2018 - Country Final, hosted by one of the participating universities 
    • Grand Final date TBA - Regional Grand Final, in Singapore, Singapore University of Social Science
    • Top two (2) teams from each Campus (University) will be invited for the Country Playoff
    • Top two (2) teams from each Country will be invited to the Regional Grand Final in Singapore