2017 MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition

The 3rd MonsoonSIM Business International Competition is coming soon !! 

Embrace a new learning experience of edutainment to uncover succinct business insights through enterprise resource planning!

What is MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition?

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition is a yearly inter-varsity competition hosted by Monsoon Academy and its partners. The competition is a high-energy event involving students and lecturers with the objective of exposing students to the concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) through fun and exciting simulation games.

Students who come together in teams of 4 or 5 will be assigned to run a virtual company to compete with other virtual companies. Players will LEARN --- all at the same time -- how to run a large virtual enterprise and COMPETE with other teams for the highest PROFIT.

This event is brought to all universities by:

  • SAP Asia Pacific, as our main prize sponsor
  • Kasetsart University, as our regional hosting co-sponsor
  • Monsoon Academy, provider of MonsoonSIM Enterprise Simulation and Gaming Platform

The timeline of the competition is as follows:

  • Jan - July 2017  - Preliminary and Selection Rounds, by each participating University
  • July - Sep 2017 - Playoff Rounds and Campus Playoff Rounds, by each participating University
  • Sep 2017 - Country Final, hosted by one of the participating universities (see list below)
  • Oct - 6 to Oct 8, 2017 - Regional Grand Final, in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by  Kasetsart University Thailand

 (For detailed Information about the Grand Final timeline, click here)


  • Top two (2) teams from each Campus (University) will be invited for the Country Playoff
  • Top two (2) teams from each Country will be invited for the Regional Grand Final in Thailand
Award and Prize for Regional MonsoonSIM ERP Competition 2017

The following countries are participating:

  • Indonesia National Competition to be hosted by Podomoro University. 
  • Malaysia National Competition to be hosted by Asia Pacific University. 
  • Singapore National Competition to be hosted by Temasek Polytechnics, Singapore.
  • Philippines National Competition to be hosted by National University of the Philippines. 
  • Thailand National Competition to be hosted by Kasetsart University Thailand. 

The Regional Grand Final this year will be held at Kasetsart University Thailand, on October 6th to 8th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Judges of Regional MonsoonSIM ERP Competition 2017

Ana S. Chua
Assistant PHINMA Education
Network Chief Operations Officer
PHINMA Education Network

Suwanchai Lohawatanakul
Executive Director,

Management Institute

Sutirapan Sakkawatra
Executive Vice President
Head of Marketing at Siam
Commercial Bank Thailand



Scene from 2016 Philippine's and Indonesia's Country Final

Scene from 2016 Malaysia's & Thailand's Country Final


Here is the video of our 2017 Competition

We are now getting ready for MERPC 2018!

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