2016 Enterprise Resource Management Challenge

Embrace a new learning experience of edutainment to uncover succinct business insights through enterprise resource planning!


What is ERM Challenge?

ERM Challenge is a yearly inter-varsity competitions hosted by SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) University or UNISIM and Monsoon Academy. This event is also sponsored by SAP Asia Pacific. 

The competition consists of multiple playoff rounds conducted in various universities across the South East Asia region. The winners of the campus playoffs will be invited for the country playoff. The winners of the country playoff will be invited for the Grand Final. 

The Grand Final this year will be held on the end of September in Singapore UNISIM campus.

What is being competed in the ERM Challenge ?

Students who come together in teams of four or five will be asked to run a virtual company in competing with the other virtual companies. To win the game, players will LEARN and COMPETE --- all at the same time -- how to run a large virtual enterprise. The departments involved in running this virtual enterprise are :

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Warehouse and Logistic
  • Wholesales
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Forecast
  • Maintenance
  • Human Resource
  • Customer service





Campus Level    

Country Level

Regional Level

by each campus

champion teams:

  •  SAP Learning Hub             
  • Certificate of Participation
  • ERP Fundamental Certification Test 


  • Media recognition (Via press releases)
  • Trophies by individuals
  • Trophies for circulating (hold in campus)
  • SAP Learning Hub
  • Short internships in SAP
  • Cash Prizes :
    • Champion team SGD 4000,
    • 1st Runner-up team SGD 2500,
    • 2nd Runner-up SGD 1500


Competition Rules & Regulations


  • Game Config - Open

  • Total Days - Open

  • Team members - GR

  • Run by CT - Yes

  • Qualifying Round - Open

  • Who to send - Open

  • Total team to send - Subject to country!

  • Start by - anytime now until 5/08/2016

  • Par.Certificate - Open

  • One player play multiple - Open    

  • Game Config - Fixed (TBA)

  • Total Days - Fixed (TBA)

  • Team members - GR

  • Run by CT - Yes

  • Qualifying Round - Preset

  • Fees apply - By country

  • Total team allowed - Subject to country!

  • Start by - 1st August to 25 Sept 2016

  • Par.Certificate - Yes

  • One player play multiple - No.   

  • Game Config - Fixed (TBA)

  • Total Days - Fixed (TBA)

  • Team members - GR

  • Run by CT - Yes

  • Qualifying Round - Semi-final & Final

  • Fees apply - Yes

  • Total team allowed - See slide 7

  • Date : 30th Sept 2016

  • Par.Certificate - Yes

  • One player play multiple - No. 



  • Minimum 4 players and maximum 5 players per team.

  • One player can only join one team. Except CAMPUS level.

  • Absentee can only be replaced with a non-participating player subject to CT approval in that playoff.

  • Strictly for students only. (Proof needed)

  • Except CAMPUS  level, players are not allowed to get help or assistance from anybody outside the competition room in any manners, directly or indirectly using connection services/phone/media etc. Infringement of any of the above will cause participation to be revoked and all winning will be considered void.

  • Committee decision is final in the event of a dispute of any kinds.

  • Committee reserved the rights to amend, add,remove any participation or rules when the need arises.




Winning Criteria

  • Constraints management

    • Cash Flow
    • Space
    • Staff
  • Understanding of ERP concept

  • Team work

  • Strategy and Execution



FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Can a same person represent 2 teams ? No

  • Can a non-students participate ? No

  • What is the minimum internet speed needed? 3 Mb up/down and above.

  • What is the maximum teams allowed per playoff ? Minimum 4 and Maximum 7

  • Can i run less than 12 modules in Campus playoff? Recommended 12 but you can run 8 since this option is open at campus level.

  • Can i run with Wifi instead of connected cable? Yes, as long as the internet speed is optimum.

  • I am from university, can i join the sponsorship program? Yes
  • Do i need to buy MonsoonSIM license to conduct campus competition? Yes

  • How much do i pay to send my team to regional playoff? SGD 50 per team.

  • What is TTT? TTT is a 2-day program run by Monsoon Academy to certified a MonsoonSIM facilitator.

  • Since Monsoonsim is cloud base, can i run the game remotely? Yes, but not during competition.