Win the SAP League to get SAP eAcademy Course Voucher  

Creator : Julio Petrus Sihombing | Last edited: 2020-Jul-01

In the middle of this pandemic, MonsoonSIM Indonesia has just concluded a MonsoonSIM competition which is sponsored by our SAP Education Partner.

After running the second competition around 1 month that divided into 4 matches the SAP League finally get a winner that is Arsanta Widyadharma team from Universitas Islam Indonesia. Congratulations for all members of Arsanta Widyadharma team who will get a special 20% transferable voucher to register the SAP eAcademy course:

The SAP League match held every Saturday along June 2020 and followed by 10 university teams from Indonesia and Malaysia. Finally, we have the result top 3 teams they are Arsanta Widyadharma as the champion, Sangkuriang team as the runner up and No Down team at the third place. Here are the names of Arsanta Widyadharma members as the winner of SAP League  :

  • Muhammad Faiq Jauhar
  • Akhlis Faris Mushaffa 
  • Ainun Jariyah
  • Sukma Putri Yulia
  • Adin Ihtisyamuddin 

Every member of this team will get a 20% transferable voucher to register our SAP eAcademy course to develop their skill especially in SAP and to become the SAP consultant. Member who register SAP eAcademy course will get some facilitation such as :

  • Access to LMS ( Learning Management Systems ) for 12 months duration to access the learning materials by online.
  • Handbook learning materials. 
  • COC ( Certificate of Completion ) which can be printed from the LMS system. This certificate is required to register the certification test at SAP office globally or SAP Certification in the Cloud by online.
  • Certification - One attempt to take online SAP Global Certification.
  • Access to SAP Live access for 60 hours to practice directly through SAP server. 

Congratulations once again for Arsanta Widyadharma team and special thanks for all teams and members who already followed and supported the SAP League.

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