MonsoonSIM April Absurdity ends  

Last edited: 2020-Jun-30

Following the wild success of March Madness we are happy to see some new club names and some returning competitors spirit in April Absurdity! In April Absurdity MonsoonSIM hosts weekly club games on Wednesday night, for a chance to win $100 USD as prize money for the winning club. Every week 10 teams participate in our club games making April Absurdity a competitive and challenging competition. This prize is a small token of appreciation for our community for their continued support and participation. We hope we provide you some valuable learning experience but also some entertainment for most of our participants who are stuck at home.

Congratulations Arsanta Widyadharma from Islam University Indonesia for winning April Absurdity who are also the winners of MonsoonSIM Final League Indonesia. Well done for consistently performing well over the month you've proven yourself to be an effective and capable team, overcoming the challenges of online communication during these uncertain times. 

Arsanta Widyadharma



Here's what our winners had to say about their MonsoonIM experience!

Adin Ihtisyamuddin: We can learn about beneficial skills such as, how to manage a company, strategic, analytical thinking, problem-solving as well as communication.

M. Faiq Jauhar: With many of configuration that MonsoonSIM can make, I think we can learn how to manage our financial condition in every situation including in this pandemic situation

Ainun Jariyah: I learned about cohesiveness, teamwork, and training the competence of team members.  I am very proud to be the winner this year. In my opinion, every game is a new challenge. The strong opponents triggered me to keep fighting in every game. 

Sukma Putri: I think MonsoonSIM is very effective as a method of learning because it helps us build our critical thinking and strategy. In this application, we are able to monitor what really happens in business.

Akhlis Faris Mushaffa: I was entertained by the games provided by MonsoonSIM during this pandemic. Thank you MonsoonSIM, you are the best. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon. 

We hope you enjoyed our April competitions. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more competitions, news, and updates! 

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