MonsoonSIM Indonesian League 2020  

Creator : Andre Jatmiko | Last edited: 2020-May-11

After a great success in our first MonsoonSIM Indonesian League back in the year 2019, we want to continue (read: MonsoonSIM Indonesian League 2019 ).

Under the supervision of Mr Andre Jatmiko from MonsoonSIM Indonesia, the Indonesian League 2020 has started with different format compare to 2019 League.

Our partnerships were so excited when the League was announced in late February. We collected 40 Clubs from 13 Universities around Indonesia's region at last and divided them into 4 Groups of Elimination Stage (each Group contained 10 Clubs) and it had been started in March 2020.

Elimination Stage had been contested in parallel (Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D) within 4 matches on every Saturday in March 2020, to be more challenging we also set 10 different scoring matric combinations in every match (with each constituting a weight of 10%) to increase the intensity of the competition. And after Elimination Stage finished, we collected the Top 10 Winning Club to continue in Final Stage in April 2020.

The Top 10 Winning Club finally met each other in April 2020 to fight for Prizes, with the same 4 matches every Saturday and 10 different matrices. We also arranged the configurations a little bit more difficult to build the team's mindset strategy. And after 2 months continuous competition we finally get Arsanta Widyadharma as the Champion from Universitas Islam Indonesia followed by Gammara from Universitas Hasanuddin and Maskulin from Universitas Galuh.


Champion: 2,500,000 IDR

1st Runner-up: 1,500,000 IDR

2nd Runner-up: 1,000,000 IDR

Once again, MonsoonSIM would like to congratulate all the winners for their achievement, as well as a big thanks to all the Universities for their participation and supports during the MonsoonSIM Indonesian League 2020.

Now here are some thoughts from Arsanta Widyadharma:

Adin Ihtisyamuddin:

"I think business simulation like MonsoonSIM is one of the effective ways to learn the management of business processes in modern enterprises. We can learn about beneficial skills such as, how to manage a company, strategic, analytical thinking, problem-solving as well as communication".

"As we know that the Coronavirus pandemic is turning economies and our daily lives upside down. Many businesses are struggling and finding themselves in a better financial situation because of the types of products and services they sell".

"I think with many configurations in MonsoonSIM we can make a configuration that is almost the same as the current pandemic situation. So, we can find out how to run business in the current pandemic through a business simulation organized by MonsoonSIM". 

M. Faiq Jauhar:

"In my opinion, MonsoonSIM is one of the best business simulations I've ever learned that has more complicated ways to do on business process such as company conditions in real life".

"As we know that every company have their own industry life cycles such as introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. In current condition as we know that Coronavirus pandemic has made many companies turn their life cycle into decline because of company capability to pay their liabilities".

"With many of configuration that MonsoonSIM can make, I think we can learn how to manage our financial condition in every situation including in this pandemic situation".

Ainun Jariyah:

"I got a lot of important lessons in MonsoonSIM Indonesian League 2020. I learned about cohesiveness, teamwork, and training the competence of team members".

"I am very proud to be the winner this year. In my opinion, every game is a new challenge. The strong opponents triggered me to keep fighting in every game".

Sukma Putri:

"I think MonsoonSIM is a very effective method of learning because it helps us build our critical thinking and strategy. This application makes us able to monitor what really happens in business works".

"During this pandemic, we can still do the MonsoonSIM Competition even though it is not too intense but we can still feel the excitement with this game to enhance our abilities especially. We cannot visit each other, especially in competitions between countries which are feared to be delayed due to large-scale social restrictions. We hope this pandemic will be resolved throughout the world".

Akhlis Faris Mushaffa:

"I was entertained by the games provided by MonsoonSIM during this pandemic. Thank you MonsoonSIM, you are the best. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon".


If you are interested in our next MonsoonSIM League, especially for Indonesian region, you may contact us:

Mr Andre Jatmiko (Indonesia's representative)

on +62 856 9431 4181


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