April Absurdity League- Merit Scoring Game One!  

Creator : Anisa | Last edited: 2020-Jun-02

I hope you're all prepared and ready for Game 1 of April Absurdity League! Before you begin here are some rules to score 20% of the Manual Merit based scoring matrix.

To Score a total of 20% here are two simple rules!

  1. 10% will be awarded to having 4 or 5 players in the club. This is to create an equal competitive playing field, and encourage clubs with more players to participate.
  2. 10% will be awarded if at least 4 learners follow MonsoonSIM @Twitter. To show proof of following,  please have one member tell us your twitter account names and club name to info@monsoonsim.com so the points can be awarded to you at the end of the game!

Thanks and Looking forward to seeing you in day Zero!

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