MonsoonSIM March Madness Ends  

Creator : Anisa | Last edited: 2020-Apr-02

MonsoonSIM March Madness has ended! March Madness is an Elo rated league where a game was announced every Friday night throughout March on Twitter and Facebook so clubs  from anywhere in the world can participate and play in our league. The winning club received $100USD at the end of the league competition. We are proud to host a competitive league  where clubs can fully engage with MonsoonSIM to show off their business acumen and teamwork abilities.

Congratulations to club Semen from President University for winning the league and prize with 37 Points!

The Winners- Nathan, Rama, Christian, Raka, Alvin

 Also well done to clubs from Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia Semen Indonesia's two clubs,  Veteran and Voyage for being in our top three teams with 30 points and 26 points overall!


Here's what the winners had to say about March Madness!

Rama: We first play MonsoonSim in November and our first match is in ERP Competition in President University. At that time our competitors was Fatan, Megatron, etc, from that we learn so much about MonsoonSim. As time past, we tried to join this league and did our best.

Raka : The madness in this league is real, 4 weeks of very exciting matches. Although we are in not a good situation, so we have to play long distances from each hometown. The distance it's not a problem, we still prove we work well together. We may not be the best, but we are the tough.

Alvin: After joining the march madness league we learnt many things especially me myself.I learnt how to overcome many unexpected things such as communication problem because we are in our hometown,The connection problem and many more. I hope that this experience can make us more solid and can be used to overcome unexpected things that happen in my life and never surrender.

Christian: I did not expect that we would be the winner in the March Madness league. Only armed with consistent training and learning from every mistake that we made. I believe that every hard work we do, will never be in vain. Just do the best and let God do the rest.

Nathan:Personally i am so thrilled with this competition, with 4 consecutive weekly matches in a competitive environment. Even in this unfortunate time we still managed to pull through and succeed. Monsoon has taught me so many thing regarding the basic principle of a business, so it is hands down one of the best platform to learn team work and coordination.

We are amazed with the the level of enthusiasm and skills the clubs showed. Every Friday the game is filled with 10 teams who participate. Thanks to all clubs and learners participating in our MonsoonSIM March Madness event!
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