MonsoonSIM Workshop at ASCILITE 2019  

Creator : Anisa | Last edited: 2020-Feb-02

MonsoonSIM had the honour of presenting a workshop in ASCILITE 2019 (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education) hosted by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

The MonsoonSIM workshop “Teacher Learning and Technology-enabled Pedagogy” featured Version 8 which is yet to be released. Version 8’s launch comes with new exciting features including changes in retail and the addition of live data access.
 Now players are able to pick cities to start retail stores in, with different attributes such as population, density and distance to other cities. Teachers are also now able to export live data from the MonsoonSIM games to data analytics tools such as R, Power BI and Tableau, allowing Teachers to use MonsoonSIM to teach data analytics with player-created data.
 The workshop was attended by Professor Sandy Barker of the University of South Australia in the school of Management and Professor Delma Clifton of Central Queensland University.


MonsoonSIM team at Ascillite

Stay tuned for more news on MonsoonSIM and version 8.

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