MonsoonSIM simulation at Ocean Park, Hong Kong  

Creator : Bernard Ng Binhang | Last edited: 2020-Feb-01

On November 7, the staffs of Ocean Park are introduced to MonsoonSIM, an intergraded ERP-based platform. The staffs showed enthusiastic spirits and great interest throughout the session. During the session, teams of 3 were formed and 2 rounds were conducted, whereby the first round act as a warm up session, while the second round as a final competition.


Throughout the 2 rounds, all the staffs are fully immersed in using MonsoonSIM, where they managed the 3 different products and 3 virtual locations which are named after Ocean Park famous location names and products. At the end of session, the staffs expressed that they understood better the importance of inter-department communication, team work as well as the significance of using right business strategy in order to establish a profitable company.





MonsoonSIM would also like to express our thanks to Ocean Park, to their tremendous support to the MonsoonSIM ERP Competition.

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