Brawijaya University is officially subscribing MonsoonSIM  

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Brawijaya University is officially subscribing MonsoonSIM as one of their supporting tools for studying. With this, now 2 out of the top 3 Universities in Indonesia (with Universitas Indonesia) is using MonsoonSIM. 

About Brawijaya University

The name Universitas Brawijaya (Brawijaya University) was granted by the President of the Republic of Indonesia through a wire no. 258/K/61 sent on July 11, 1961. This name is derived from the title of Kings of Majapahit, a great kingdom in Indonesia from 12th to 15th centuries.

UB transformed into a state university on January 5, 1963, following a Presidential Decree issued earlier in the same year. This date was later promulgated as UB’s anniversary (specifically called Dies Natalies among Indonesian academic society members).

UB aims to becoming an outstanding world-class university and able to take an active part in national development through education, research and community service.

Brawijaya University is the 2nd best university in Indonesia (refer to )

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