Resumé with skill-based MonsoonSIM credentials  

Last edited: 2019-Sep-17

MonsoonSIM has a very unique ERP Fundamental certification process where learners are assessed based on their understanding of basic ERP knowledge in the challenge against MonsoonSIM Robots through simulations. 

Automated assessments 


No more biting your nails while waiting for exam results. You will receive instant feedback and gratification. 

Starting today, our system will automatically award you with a badge on qualifying for the certificate!  A list of award winners will be compiled regularly. 

Your MonsoonSIM certification highlights your overall mastery of a specific role while your MonsoonSIM badge proves that you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to solve complex, real-world business problems. 

Spice up your resumé with skill-based MonsoonSIM credentials!

Start working on your resume-worthy skills by participating in MonsoonSIM courses!

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