MonsoonSIM expands to Taiwan!  

Last edited: 2019-Apr-22

MonsoonSIM has seen growth across countries in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and welcomes its newest partner in Taiwan.

Just as all the other country partners in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, MonsoonSIM's newest partner, Mr. Justin Liang, the President of Coign Technology Inc. of Taiwan believes MonsoonSIM's ERP cloud-based learning is the right education for the Taiwanese students, and that an adoption of such innovative platform will create an advantage and best encapsulate the current technology and interest of students.

Through a successful discussion on how MonsoonSIM is being delivered, a 2-day Train-The-Trainer (TTT) training for Miss Pola Liao, Miss Lillian Chang, Miss Ruby Wu, and Mr. Benjamin Huang was organized and provided by our President, Mr Abdy Taminsyah at the office of Coign Technology Inc. in Taipei last week. 

In this training, the latest version of MonsoonSIM, MonsoonSIM V7 which comes with newly incorporated features:- Data Export; eCommerce; Document Generator; Multi Language Control; Process Control; New Micro Course ERP111(pre-set with eCommerce); New KPI (Inventory Value Remaining); Easy notifications (for outstanding PO, SO, Moves); Retail Demand Fluctuation; Run and Leave; and Vendor Stock Out, was being used.

Congratulations to all four new Certified Trainers (CT)!

Our Certified Trainers are now equipped with facilitating knowledge to run MonsoonSIM V7 Experiential Learning Platform for prospective corporations and university students alike in Taiwan. 

MonsoonSIM looks forward to working collaboratively with our Taiwan Partner to face the challenges of opening up MonsoonSIM to a new country. This productive venture has every promise of continuously building MonsoonSIM community in pioneering its Experiential Learning Platform global!






我迫不急待看到MonsoonSIM為台灣帶來好的改變與成長。-- CT Pola Liao

Before I encountered MonsoonSIM, I felt that it might be as boring and complicated as the ERP system I knew before.

But after two days of intensive special training, after teacher Abdy's detailed explanation on operation, I learned a lot of different differences of MonsoonSIM. MonsoonSIM is the trend of future learning. MonsoonSIM makes learning less boring.  

What I like the most is that MonsoonSIM is a game-like learning style, especially the concept of learning while playing, completely changes the old learning mode. I believe that MonsoonSIM will bring Taiwan people a different feeling.  Looking at ideas, MonsoonSIM is more efficient. 

As a tool, students can easily grasp the overall business concepts while enjoying the fun of learning to find future ambitions.

For company's staff, they can better understand the status of the company's various departments and help the company to collaborate and strategize.  MonsoonSIM not only emphasizes the importance of teamwork, but overall, it enhances self-expression. MonsoonSIM enables learners to pursue excellence and personal growth that will benefit their own and future organizations.

I can't wait to see MonsoonSIM bring good change and growth to Taiwan. -- CT Pola Liao



在未來多元的學習環境裡,MonsoonSIM絕對是一個必要的學習平台。-- CT Lillian Chang

Previously taught in school books, even if the reading is very familiar, there is still no way to know how to use it properly.

Fortunately, I can get in touch with MonsoonSIM this time. It is so interesting to make the boring stuff in the book so interesting. In this game, you need to worry not only about a single department, but also all the departments of the whole company, so that it will make you understand the connection and influence of this relationship. 

I really like this kind of practical operation. It is very helpful to let students have a real experience and connect with what they have learned at school.

In the future's diverse learning environment, MonsoonSIM is definitely a much needed learning platform. -- CT Lillian Chang

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