MonsoonSIM Version 7 Launching  

Last edited: 2019-Apr-05

MonsoonSIM's latest, version 7 is LIVE!

As announced earlier, MonsoonSIM V6 was scheduled for an upgrade to be adaptive to users' learning in today’s business environment and to provide more comprehensive learning to transform business education. 

On April 1st, 2019, MonsoonSIM V7 was officially released to users.

In this latest version, our R&D team has added the following features for a more solid learning platform:

1. Data Export - all game KPI (key performance indicators) can be exported for further analysis in Excel, or BI tools for Analytics and AI studies

2. E-commerce - learners can learn buying, selling, posting as buyer, posting as seller in Virtual Web Market

3. Document Generator - now includes Micro Courses

4. Multi Language Control - Facilitator can switch from English to Mandarin. Online Tour guide comes in 5 languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Korean and Mandarin)

Other features have also been added to improve the platform for a more challenging gamification:

5. Process Control - learners can manage approval processes for various transactions

6. New Micro Course ERP111 added (pre-set with eCommerce)

7. New KPI (Inventory Value Remaining)

8. Easy notifications (for outstanding PO, SO, Moves)

9. Retail Demand Fluctuation

10. Run and Leave. New clocking mechanism allowing Facilitator to Run a game and close off browser without affecting learners

11. Vendor Stock Out - Can configure Vendor to run out of stock with news alert for learners

All of the above features can be explained in the below short, cloud slides.

Data Analytics under Data Export feature forms a key part of MonsoonSIM V7 and can be explained from the following short slides.

MonsoonSIM V7 Document Management now comes with Micro Courses. The total number of pages is 235. Check it out! 

With the release of this version, MonsoonSIM reaffirms its promises to our users: 

-- Easier to Teach, More to Teach, 

-- Easier to Learn, More to Learn.

Watch "What is MonsoonSIM / About MonsoonSIM" on YouTube

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