Clarus Consulting -- MonsoonSIM's Newest Partner in the Philippines   

Last edited: 2019-Mar-07

Late February, MonsoonSIM had completed TTT (Train-The-Trainer) with two members of our newest partner, Clarus Consulting of the Philippines.

We thank Mr. Dante Briones, the Director of Clarus Consulting for arranging the training. 

On top of the 2-day training agenda (please refer to CT Resources in, trainer Mr. Abdy Taminsyah introduced our latest version, MonsoonSIM 7.0 which is expected to be launched on April 1, 2019.

In this latest version of MonsoonSIM, we have incorporated Process Control, eCommerce, Data Export for Analytics into our platform. This is truly fulfilling our four simple promises to our customers: Easier to Teach, More to Teach, Easier to Learn, More to Learn. 

"MonsoonSIM is the future of learning. It is a great tool for understanding holistic business concepts. It is very effective, engaging and entertaining. Students will easily grasp the concepts and have fun at the same time." -- CT Mr. Pio Consuelo

'I see MonsoonSIM transforming learners in the Philippines. It provides a way to level the field for learners of different capabilities, interests and economic status to access quality business education. It also goes beyond the mere transfer of information and rote learning to allowing learners to develop deep understanding of business and inspire insight, collaboration and strategy. MonsoonSIM empowers learners to pursue excellence and personal growth that will benefit themselves and organizations that they are in or will belong to in the future." -- CT Miss Cris Mendoza

Congratulations to the two new Certified Trainers! 

They are now equipped with facilitating knowledge to run MonsoonSIM Experiential Learning Platform for their respective university and corporate prospects.

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