MonsoonSIM for Data Analytics Course  

Last edited: 2019-Mar-04

Today, there are more and more schools that offer specialized programs, tailored to cater to those pursuing a career in data science. 

According to InfoWorld, the US could have as many as 250,000 open data science jobs by 2024, and the data science skills gap will find companies scrambling to train or hire talent in the coming years.

In the study of data science, data is one of the most important components. The principle limitation of AI is that it learns from the data.  "Most people in AI forget that the hardest part of building a new AI solution or product is not the AI or algorithms — it’s the data collection and labeling," Oliveira writes on StartUp Grind.

MonsoonSIM is an ideal platform to be integrated into your data analytic courses. Here are a few key reasons:

  1. MonsoonSIM is probably the easiest platform for data generating and data collection
  2. MonsoonSIM generated datasets are clean and nicely labelled
  3. MonsoonSIM datasets are based on real business transactions triggered by students running a virtual business in a business environment configured by the MonsoonSIM facilitator.

Below are the KPIs generated out of a typical MonsoonSIM game session:

KPI selections to be exported. There are almost one hundred KPIs to choose from. The KPIs are based all generated from learners while running their business. 

Exported data can be found here. 

The data can easily be exported out to various Data Analytical tools such as Python, R, PowerBI for data analytic studies.

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