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Creator : Abdy B. Taminsyah | Last edited: 2019-Jan-21

Very Realistic Scenario which has enough complexity to keep it interesting without being unnecessarily over complicated
-- Liz Dwyer - Head of SAP User Adoption Services, Asia Pacific

The game is quite realistic and it reflects what actually happens in a real-life company so it can help people understand how ERP works
-- Dr. Deliang Wang - Ph.D. of Information Systems, National University of Singapore

MonsoonSIM is an excellent platform for learning all facets of running a business enterprise. MonsoonSIM also encourages students to be competitive and strategic in their thinking
-- Dr, Remedios Cruz. Dean, College of Business and Accountancy at National University

One of the main benefits of this simulations is the interrelated nature of business decisions. For example, the understanding of the impact of X on Y
-- Dr. Jason J Turner, Taylor University, Malaysia

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