How Certified Trainer (CT) use MonsoonSIM  

Creator : Abdy B. Taminsyah | Last edited: 2019-Jan-21

MonsoonSIM Certified Trainers (CT)

In MonsoonSIM, business knowledge is delivered through the certified trainers. To date, we have hundreds of educators/trainers certified to facilitate MonsoonSIM. Trainers have to go through a two full-day certification course to become certified. Once certified, the CTs are able to start MonsoonSIM sessions anytime, anywhere provided they have access to the MonsoonSIM server in the cloud.

The MonsoonSIM platform designed for certified trainers (CT) can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Environment Management
  • Session Configuration
  • Tools

Environment Management

CT can perform the following:

  • players and teams management 
  • perform knowledge assessment, both pre and post-session assessment
  • Timing and tempo management
  • quizzes

Session Configuration

In MonsoonSIM, there are hundreds of parameters CT can configure to "design" the business environment. Each of the parameters is clearly defined and easily modified. Some of the parameters are modified-able in Run-Time, some parameters are designed for initial values while some others must remain constant throughout the session. 

Changing the configuration is extremely easy.  

All runtime parameters are also separately categorized and easily accessible by CT.

Examples of Run-Time parameters are:

  • Holidays
  • Vendor credit limits

Examples of initial value parameters are:

  • initial cash
  • initial bank interest rate

Despite having hundreds of parameters, CT can actually does not have to change a single parameter to start running a workshop. This is because all the parameters will be defaulted to nicely pre-configured settings.



There are a lot of other nice and important tools available for the CT. They are:

  1. Scoring matrix. Using scoring matrix, CT can define the measurements (KPIs) that matter. For example: in one game, success can be measured by net profit while in others, by productivity

  2. Observation. CT can perform real-time, 'live', KPI observations as the session progresses. 

  3. Microteaching. CT can temporarily stop the game and dive into detailed concept teaching through a mode called "micro teaching". CT can perform transactions on behalf of any of the players in micro teaching in order to explain a certain concept. Once microteaching is done, CT can return to the existing game and resume from the where it was when the microteaching starts.

  4. Course management. CT can create customized course materials based on his/her preference. Using a few clicks, course material can be designed and generated and ready for distribution to the learners



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