Top high school in North Sumatera, Indonesia adopted MonsoonSIM  

Last edited: 2019-Mar-30

MonsoonSIM is excited to announce that another high school in Indonesia, this time the top high school in Medan, North Sumatera has agreed to adopt and implement MonsoonSIM into its curriculum and allow its students from all majors to participate in this unique business course program.


Principal Mr. Bapak Khoe Tjok Tjin, Yayasan Perguruan Sutomo High School, believes MonsoonSIM would help his students prepare for tertiary business education and that an early adoption of such revolutionary educational program will create an early advantage and best encapsulate the current technology and interest of young students.

MonsoonSIM welcomes Yayasan Perguruan Sutomo High School to add to the following High schools who have earlier adopted MonsoonSIM into their curriculums:

1. SMK Nasional

2. SMK Ekonomika

3. SMA Ghama Al Rasyid

4. SMA Ghama Caraka

5. Ghama DLeader High School

Experiential Learning is shaping the future of students and responding well with educational bodies who take keen interest on their students' learning. MonsoonSIM program encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship of their students and this cohesive learning process can be inhibited from a young age.

MonsoonSIM is an award-winning pedagogical platform that consists of hundreds of business concepts embedded in a powerful, immersive experiential learning system. 

It is poignant to emphasize that MonsoonSIM has changed the way we learn business today. 

MonsoonSIM delivers a consistent message over and over again:

[For our Teachers] 

Lesson is Easier to Teach, and More to Teach. 

[For our Students] 

Lesson is Easier to Learn, and More to Learn. 

These are the key transformations that arise over and over again:

1. Students change from learning by theory to learning by experiencing 

2. Students change from learning by remembering to learning by doing 

3. Teacher become Facilitators

Fundamental understanding in Enterprise Business Process through Experiential Learning on MonsoonSIM platform will allow these high school students to get a head-start in their tertiary business studies or careers.


As mentioned before, MonsoonSIM is here not only to transform global tertiary business education but can also begin from high schools.

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