[RESEARCH] Impact of MonsoonSIM on UTM Students  

Creator : Donald Lim | Last edited: 2018-Nov-02

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM) recently completed an ‘Impact of MonsoonSIM on UTM students’ feedback survey that outlines the commitment of MonsoonSIM to students who are the leading contributors to our workforce.

In addition to our commitment, MonsoonSIM wants to share our personal reflection from the survey carried out on UTM students who have participated between 2016-2018.

The statistical data solicited information across a population of 120 respondents clearly has one distinct achievement that MonsoonSIM is proud to announce.  

The majority of correspondents 'Agree' or 'Strongly Agree' that MonsoonSIM has been positive on their personal and professional development.

MonsoonSIM user who is currently employed

  • MonsoonSIM expanded my knowledge about how a business enterprise is being run. 
  • MonsoonSIM improved my understanding on the connections among various departments. 
  • MonsoonSIM enabled me to understand the failure of one department can impact the other departments. 
  • MonsoonSIM enabled me to better understand the concept of product costing. 
  • MonsoonSIM enabled me to improve understanding on the concept of procurement and supply chain management. 
  • MonsoonSIM highlighted the importance of teamwork at the workplace. 
  • overall MonsoonSIM has improved my performance at the workplace.

MonsoonSIM user who is currently not employed

  • MonsoonSIM helps me prepare for my job. 
  • MonsoonSIM enables me to get a better job. 
  • MonsoonSIM helps me to make a better choice regarding my job. 
  • MonsoonSIM improves my competence as a worker. 
  • MonsoonSIM's complexity simulation games make me figure out things. 
  • MonsoonSIM teaches me things that interest me. 
  • MonsoonSIM makes me figure out how to do well on my own.

Complete research publication: http://www.monsoonsim.com/depo/images/document/monsoonsimimpactppt.pdf

We thank Dr. Mohamad Shah Kassim,  En. Shafudin Mohd Yatim, and Dr. Zulkifli Khair  for the feedback survey.

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