Differences between Micro Teaching and Micro Course  

Last edited: 2018-Oct-22

Starting in Version 6, MonsoonSIM comes with yet another unique innovative feature called Micro Course.  The following depicts the differences between Micro Teaching and Micro Course. 

Micro Teaching
Micro Course
Instructions are designed to teach a small concept.  Instructions come in an article. There is a special loadable pre-configured configuration that is designed to teach that concept.Instructions are designed to create a business environment to challenge the learners for a specific purpose. And all instructions, information, configuration loading, module selection, parameters settings, come in a form of a step-by-step, clickable pop up wizard
CT and Learners do not see how the parameters are being setCT and Learners can see how each of the parameters are being set. Each setting also comes with a detail description.
CT can still modify setting before running the gamesSame.
Player can only watch CT's demo. Player's screen are frozen. Player can play, just like any other game.
CT needs to assume role as one of the players to show the transactionCT can assume role of one of the players, or, it can be run as a game so the learners can experience by themselves just like a normal game.
No KPI suggestionsWith suggested KPIs that are tailored to the specific concepts designed for the course.

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