MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition(MERMC) Philippines Final 2018  

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Manila (Philippines), August 25, 2018 -- It was about decision-making and speed last Saturday, when 19 teams comprising 95 students from across 7 universities in the metro Manila area, came together for a day at the Far Eastern University(FEU) Manila campus to compete for the accredited MERM Philippines Final 2018 Competition -- Asian College, San Beda College Alabang, Technological Institute of the Philippines, National University, University of the East, Asia Pacific College, and host Far Eastern University.

Participants in teams of 5 competed for the highest scores in this competition co-organised by the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance of Far Eastern University and Monsoonsim Singapore Pte. Ltd.

MERMC, an annual business competition, aims to encourage students to learn about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) via gamification and to incubate future ERP talents. Through the fun and interactive cloud-based Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) platform, students experience managing virtual companies in real time, and learn how 12 different business modules – production, material requirements planning, warehousing anod logistics, forecasting, procurement, asset maintenance, retail, wholesaling, marketing, customer service, human resources and finance – are interlinked. 

Delivering the opening address before the qualifying-round kicked off, Professor Earl Borgona, Associate Dean of IABF, spoke of the importance of innovation and ERP in this era of business learning. He pointed out to the participants that the competition was more than just a game, and that they would gain useful knowledge which they could apply in various aspects of their lives. Professor Borgona also hoped that this competition would help raise the awareness of ERP. 

As soon as the bell rang, the event kicked off on the 2nd floor of the Administrative Building with Sir Alex Ong of Monsoonsim Singapore facilitating the competition for all 19 teams in 3 computer labs running concurrently. The teams worked towards the objective of running a successful virtual enterprise as they applied the business concepts they had learned and reacted quickly to situations based on practical constraints similar to real-life situations. At this time, unlike first-time players who are always exuberant and making noise, all 3 labs became somewhat quiet. And at this time actually, a fierce simulation battle had already begun.

After a highly intense morning which saw the qualifying finalist teams compete over 110 virtual days, 9 teams, including all 3 of FEU's teams, moved on to vie for the top 2 prizes in the afternoon Final -- a FREE trip to the Singapore Grand Final. 

The finalists:

1) Team ACES NU 

2) Team ABL UE

3) Team BAL UE 







The battle for supremacy of the day began after a good lunch. All 9 teams were hopeful for a spot in the Regional Grand Final in Singapore comes September as they fully focused on their games. A couple of wrong decisions or a crucial mistake then would mean GAME OVER. Three teams indeed fell into bankruptcy for being over aggressive towards the end. Nevertheless, they all gave it their best shots. 

Participants in actions... 

The final results spelled EXCELLENT from NU, Team FIERCE from NU, and Team ACES from NU as the Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, respectively. 

One thing worth pointing out is that all 3 NU teams' performances were consistent throughout starting from the qualifying-round.

The rest of the competitors all had put up a very high-spirited fight and deserved praising. When all was done for the day, we appreciated their participation very much. The fact that they made it to FEU for this Country Final shows that they were already winners. I am sure they will value this experience in time to come.

All the 19 teams were presented with certificates of participation, and the top 3 teams were awarded with trophies and medals. 

The day concluded with rejoice among the participants of National University.


We thank Dean Dr. Alma Emerita V. Dela Cruz of the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance of Far Eastern University(FEU) and relevant personnel of FEU for organizing and hosting this event. 

We thank Prof Earl Borgona for opening the competition. 

We thank all the universities for joining the competition, and their lecturers for leading their students to the competition. 

We thank Sir Alex for facilitating the competition. 

We thank Prof Gerardo Lagman of Asian College for the following:

"MonsoonSIM does provide the learning platform needed by today's learners. I can share with you the leaps and bounds of learning business practice by the hours spent in MonsoonSIM compare to a term of learning various facet of business studies. Although business studies provide the theoretical framework in business operations, MonsoonSIM integrates the various disciplines and allows actual learning by doing business operations. MonsoonSIM acts as a bridge between theoretical studies and possible actual business scenarios. Business studies provide the framework that helps explain what is happening during the business simulation. But it is the business simulation that provides depth in understanding business concepts" -- Prof Gerardo Lagman

Lastly, we thank all the student volunteers. The competition would not have been successful without them. 

Congratulations to the winners! 

See you in Singapore.

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